via Daily Prompt: Territory

Ever since man decided to settle down and start cultivating instead of being a nomad, ‘territory’ has been keeping him to its centripetal axis. And since then, it’s been the prime thing we’ve treasured. Starting from a mere need of food and farming to modern day nation state, all have a ‘territory’ centric to them.

Though land has a very intrinsic value for food and other necessities, but today it has transcended this periphery. Territories are anthropomorphized. They are brought to life in imaginations of the people. Writers have then written lengths about it. From Fatherland to Motherland, it’s become revered. No longer just a piece of land, way too much than that.

People make allegiance to their countries, and this all done around the idol of an alive territory. Then they don’t worry to even jeopardise their lives for its sake, or for that matter jeopardising others’ lives. Territory serves as all. The ‘defended’. The ‘Aim’.

“Man is wolf to a man.”, said some wise man. And this was very appropriately set to tune by us. Just think of the very first war to the very recent one, all were over the territory. Though man will say, “It’s divine to him.” but that’s a blatant lie. It’s just his obsession. And obsessions lead evils. And maybe it’s been the same from even before we evolved to humans, the animal kingdom is a case in point. We are well aware of the rules of the animal kingdom. Aren’t we? And territory is dear to them too. They demarcate it. And expel the ‘intruders’.

This is how nature is, revolving around territories and it’s claimants. And maybe it’s not a thing to be criticised because no one put it this way, it just happens to be so. As far as sad reading is concerned, maybe we’ve grown too noble, indifferent to the harsh realities of existence. But, this is how it is and no change seems to be striking any soon.

The territory it is, it was and who knows will always remain so.


The Gandhian-Congress approach and its flaws.

M. K. Gandhi is deemed the father of Nation and many people very readily accept this. And many people in utter naivete identify as Gandhians too. But, isn’t this the result of a very simplistic reading of history and our freedom struggle? At a time when people are free to think what they want, they should make sure that they don’t make reason and logic suffer in the guise of freedom of speech. No, doubt we are all free to speak our minds, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t be fair to the truth. And of what I make of history, Gandhi is simply overrated. Although I find a major portion of his philosophy quite kaput, but there are two aspects I’m very particularly critical of, those are his role in the freedom struggle and his theory of ‘non-violence’.

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The Man who founded J&K; Maharaja Gulab Singh






It was in 1808 when the Kingdom of Jammu was invaded by the armies of Maharaja Ranjit Singh(the then ruler of Punjab), though it resulted in defeat of the Dogra Kingdom, but a 16-year-old lad from the losing army rather made a distinction, the spirit and courage with which he fought the aggressors has earned him an important position in the Dogra folklore. He was Maharaja Gulab Singh.

Born into the House of Kishore Singh Jamwal, a distant kinsman of Jit Singh, then Raja of Jammu, he(Gulab Singh) grew up in the care of his grandfather, Zorawar Singh, from whom he learned the arts of horse riding and warfare. In 1808 when the Kingdom of Jammu came under an invasion from the armies of the Maharaja of Punjab, Ranjit Singh, he fought alongside his clansman for an unfortunate unsuccessful defence

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The Generation Jump


Generation gap (noun); a difference of attitudes between people of different generations, leading to a lack of understanding.

It’s natural that two people of different major age groups have difference in their ways, whether it be their Moral Spirit, Aptitude, Reaction, Attitude, Calm and almost every aspect of one’s personality, though there weren’t enough of repercussions of generation gap as serious as are nowadays, So this term was never of much importance as it’s now.

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The Educational Casteism

Stream Prejudices;

Humanities, Sciences and Commerce happen to be the different fields in specialised studies. All three of the above-mentioned acquire an equal respect as per their needs. Though choices amongst the three streams, depend upon one’s field of interest, but nowadays it doesn’t seem to be so. There is an apparent hierarchy in place in respect to the subjective streams. If to put it the way it’s assumed, it’ll be like “SCIENCES>COMMERCES>HUMANITIES”. Continue reading